Patient Information


Please Note:
  • If you have had a Nuclear Medicine Scan in the past week, please inform us.
  • If you have any X-Rays using BARIUM, you must wait a minimum of 2 weeks before having a test in Nuclear Medicine.
  • ALL X-RAY, ULTRASOUND and other applicable diagnostic tests/reports should be brought with you. Please bring a list of your medications.
THYROID SCAN & UPTAKE: The thyroid test is a 2-day test. It is very important that you do not take any thyroid medication for 3 weeks before you have your test.
RENAL SCAN: Please drink 4 large glasses of liquid (water/juice) one hour before test.
OFF ACE inhibitors 72 hours before.
RENAL CAPTOPRIL SCAN: Nothing to eat 4 hours before test. Patients to be off ACE INHIBITOR medication for 72 hours before the test. Please drink 4 large glasses of liquid (water/juice) one hour before test.
GALLBLADDER SCAN: Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours before test.
MUGA: No caffeine for 4 hours before test.


Please Note:
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing and walking shoes.
  • A caffeine free breakfast is highly recommended.
  • 24 Hours - No caffeine: No Coffee, No Tea, No Pop, No Chocolate, No Decaffeinated Products, No Medication with caffeine. This includes Tylenol with codeine or any migraine medication.
  • 48 Hours - STOP Beta Blockers if Stress Test is indicated on your requisition.
  • Remain on medication if a Persantine test is indicated on your requisition.
  • Your doctor will discuss with you about stopping any medications such as Theophylline and Aminophylline complexes.
  • Please inform us if you are on medications such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra etc..
  • Two sets of images will be taken, 20 minutes approximately each. The test from start to finish will take approximately 4 hours.